Sunday, May 14, 2017

You should write something he said...

... but that was weeks ago. Finally inspiration struck... and then it was lost... as I sit here and type can I find it again?

I'm sure it would be easier to type my thoughts if I was not trying to drown them out with 102.9 Now streaming through my earbuds at a volume that would make my audiologist cringe.

So many songs, and so many memes resonating with my soul... this place... this time... this love... this grief... moving forward... looking back. The endeavor to give space to it all.

Can I walk through this season with grace and wisdom? Can I learn from the past to create a better future? Can I find strength in the moments when I feel my weakest? Can I show the same compassion that I so desire? In the face of fear can I find faith?

With so many questions, this one truth remains...

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