Monday, May 15, 2017

Not enough....

There will always be questions of why you were not enough, but for the right person, you are more than enough. You are worth more than you know, and they will show you. It hurts. Letting go of a future, of a dream of hope, it is crushing. So today, do what you need to take care of you an know that you are enough and that you are very loved. I can promise that it gets better. I have been to hell and am fighting my way back. I have lost everything. I have been alone in the dark. I have been crushed under a weight I can't discribe. I can still feel it pressing down on me, but finally, finally I see a light. What happens if the light goes out? I surely do not know, it might kill me, but for now, I can tell you there is a light, and you will find it. It probably isn't going to be easy, or even look like what you expected. It might not be there today or maybe even tomorrow, but it is there... I promise.

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