Sunday, April 30, 2017

I Should Have

..given up and gone to bed hours ago. Nothing seems to quiet the thoughts running through my mind, none of that maters though. Wondering how I got where I am today, I pulled out my 8th grade portfolio. 8th grade me and almost 36 year old me seem to be failing the same test. I wonder what test that might be though. While I am certain it is the same test, I am unaware of its content, and I am unable to study for, or pass it. So history just keeps looping.

So here is what 8th grade me had to say:

It is a like a game you play.
There are days you win, 
there are days you lose.
There are days you cry,
there are days you don't. 
This is life.
There are ups and there are downs. 
The ups you feel should last forever,
but neither the ups or the downs will.
You must keep on living.
Day to day, trying to live the best life you can.

The hurt is overwhelming,
it burns within your heart.
The hurt seems to last forever,
but you're are sure it has to end.
Maybe tomorrow,
or maybe next week.

The tears steadily stream down my face as I ponder my fate.
They are tears of pain
They are tears of anger
They are tears of triumph
These are my tears,
can they understand what I can not?

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