Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 15, 2008 - Perspective

Life is not a Kodak print but a painting.  Odds are when it is finished it won't be what "you had pictured." 
Home truly is wherever it is you make it and you will find beauty just about anywhere that you look for it.  Be it a Smokey fire lit sunset because all of the grass is dead or the lush green that screams "come see how chigger bites you can get."  In which Brad Paisley puts a new twist on the pitfalls of pests of that nature, which could lead to minutes or hours of entertainment.  I let you pick which of the 2 you are. 
It is always too hot or too cold somewhere some of the time.  Deal with it.  Enjoy the moment regardless, it will be the other extreme soon enough. 
Despite how much easier it is to blame our mood, circumstance or anything else on someone besides ourselves, we chose every action and reaction we have ultimately deciding our fate. 
It is ALL perspective.

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