Saturday, October 25, 2014

Just an Old Twist-tie

When I was 14 someone taught me, "blessed are the flexible; for they are not easily bent out of shape." Some years later I came to the realization that while this is good mantra, even a twist-tie has it's snapping point. Seeing the world in black and white, I am quite certain 14 year old me needed that mantra. I need to learn to bend and flex.

17 years later, I  sit here wondering, just how much more flex is left before the twist-tie snaps. Do I go to the store and buy said bendy metal to conduct an experiment? Would this give me an exact number of times it could be bent? Would I know that this old, warn out twist-tie has given all the flex it had to muster, and should have snapped long ago? If it snaps what becomes of the thing(s) that it was holding together? If it snapped could it still be functional? Maybe most important, these 4 relatively new twist-ties in front of me, how do I keep them shiny and new?

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