Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Object Lessons- Letting go

On a recent visit to the town square my children practiced their rock climbing skills on a monument in front of the old court house, for that matter their Dad took a turn too. I know we probably should have found something more suitable to climb on, but we didn't. It isn't a large monument, probably about 6 foot tall and twice as long. It was intriguing to watch them all find the best place for hand and foot holds. They put so much thought into each movement, I was proud of them.

The boys scampered up the monument with ease and happily perched themselves on top. It presented quite a bit more challenge for the girls though. Evelynn had a few false starts before she was able to conquer her fear and make it to the top.  With coaxing and coaching and cheering she finally made her way up. Her reign was short lived though. Mommy's fears of her falling off the top took over. Daddy quickly helped her down. Lilli had every bit of determination as any of the others did. She started up the monument and then backed down quite a few times as well. With David and I both spotting her she finally got her left hand on top of the monument. That right hand presented a problem though. She had a death grip, and there was no letting go. She could feel us hold her up. She could hear us all cheer her on, but she could not bring herself to let go with that right hand. Her goal with in reach, yet unable to move forward, she was left disappointed as she back down for the last time.

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