Thursday, November 14, 2013

Transparency Part I ... lets start at the beginning.

I started using Isagenix on October 29th and I started posting about it to my Facebook as a way to keep accountable.  So in keeping with that lets start at the beginning. 

I am quite certain I have been overweight the majority if not all of my life. I'd don't know, maybe I wasn't maybe I am not the expert on that. 

Here is what I can tell you:

I know that Slim Fast was my friend the month before my wedding when I wanted to fit into the wedding dress that fit perfectly just 6 months before. 

By some miracle I weighed less the day after my oldest was born then I did before I got pregnant with him. 

Sometime between my oldest and my second kid I did Atkins for a while. 

After my number two man child was born I weighed less the day after he was born then I did before I got pregnant with him.

Nursing said man child and living in a house with the bedrooms upstairs and the kitchen downstairs...Wow the weight was just fell off.

August 2005 I had jaw surgery and then for then until after Thanksgiving my jaw was wired shut. Now that was an amazing weight loss program. Unfortunately I was ALWAYS hungry and I couldn't eat. I lived off of ensure and warm jello. 

For three glorious months I easily fit back into my wedding dress. I bought jeans that my butt looked good in. 

Then February 14, 2006 I was pregnant again. No I was not one of those happy glowing pregnant women. Having my jaw wired shut would now come to bite me in the rear. After all I had just survived a famine, what if another one was coming? I would need to store everything as fat in order for my unborn child and myself to survive.

No famine came and said child survived just fine and unfortunately nursing would not have the great weight loss effect that it had before.

My waistline just kept growing. Along would come child number four and my waistline just kept growing. 

Over the past few years my weight has finally hit a plateau. I have hit the gym, and I have hit the ice cream.

Stay tuned for Part II...

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