Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Having a moment...

A wow moment. Somehow, just shy of finishing up my 32nd year of life people still amaze me. I find myself wondering if that will always be the case.

A while back, and by that I mean a couple of years, my husband was learning about different personality types at work. He came home and we took a personality test together.( Surely since he was learning about them at work he had already taken one there but I digress. We took this personality test and found we were polar opposites. Not anything I didn't already know but then we talked about the idea of rounding out your personality.

I find this to be a great thing in theory. That you would be able to round out your personality and meet in the middle with others. My personality type is ISFJ ( While I would like to think that I have tried to have a more rounded personality, I am not quite sure that I have succeeded. My introverted tendencies have taken over. After retaking the test I scored 100% introverted.  (HA!) Leave me in my tight circle of friends or interact with me online (and days like today that isn't even safe) but, I see no reason to get out and socialize.

I say all of that to get to this one thing. While my personality may be somewhat carved in stone I am doing my best to be ...

Anyone know where I was going with that? ANY of it? I came across this "draft" the other day and thought I would try to sit down and finish it. Uh...  Based on my original sentence, someone who I have known for a while had gotten under my skin and I was left awestruck by their sheer stupidity and or selfishness and I was perplexed how it is this person could still amaze me. Based on the last sentence in the 2nd paragraph, the interaction with said person has left me CRANKY. How I would tie the amazement into the personality stuff, who had amazed me and have I continued to have a relationship with that person? Well your guess is as good as mine. Oh well.

SERIOUSLY though, the personality profile information is cool, you can learn a lot about yourself looking at that.

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