Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Thoughs

So it is 7:50 I have now been up walked with the kids to school, fixed the girls breakfast and am sitting down with a cup of coffee before I head off to the gym and the grocery store and here are the little rabbits running around in my head, just thought I would share them.

Remember how we kept blowing a fuse?  Well it hasn't tripped again in...well I don't know how long but a while.  Yesterday with his sweaty wet socks on he went to open the sliding glass door in the living room.  ZAP!  So I don't know why we have electricity surging through the door but I am sure that is why the breaker was tripping but now I wonder why it isn't.

I have just chased my antacid with some coffee, the only way I can drink it without getting a hugely upset stomach.  I am sure this is not the most healthy thing in the world to do, but it works.  That with a few other things makes me think a trip to the doctor would be prudent, but they are not going to tell me anything I haven't heard before and well after I loose a hundred pounds, thank God not literally (at least any more) they will tell me all of my problems stem from loosing a hundred pounds so then I side with what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  Right??

David is cranky with me this morning, lets face it though he was yesterday too, so he will either tell me what is up his butt, or get some sleep and all will be well again.  Any wagers one what he will say when he reads that thought?  Well that is assuming that he reads it in the first place.

Stupid Facebook games 20 questions.  You can only see how people answered questions by asking them.  Finally curiosity got the cat. well "facebook user" obviously someone who isn't my friend any more says I am ignorant.  Jerk!  On the other hand if that is the impression that I leave at least I don't have much to live up to!  For all of you who come seeking advice you might want to keep in mind that I am ignorant.  :)

Oh well, my coffee as gone so the gym is calling.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Life is a painting not a digital print.

Do you ever stop to wonder how life could have been?  I wonder about that lots.  David and I were talking about this the other day.  If there were just a few things that were different right now...obviously had we made different choices we would be and have something different.  At what cost though?  Every moment every decision has lead us to who we are today.  What dreams do you trade in for reality?  What reality would you trade in for your dreams?  What was my conclusion?  Once again I couldn't imagine trading my life right now for the life that could have been.  Everything is not how I dreamed it would be but  life really is more like a painting in progress then a digital print.

So where are we in life today?

Keegan's preliminary dyslexia testing shows he has a fluency problem but that there is not a comprehension problem and although his reading score falls below average well below average it is not far enough that he qualifies for the schools dyslexia program.  It has been my experience with our school district that they would rather have a knee jerk reaction then be proactive about anything as long as he is able to slip through they will do nothing.  I really didn't expect a different answer but for once it would be nice not to have to sort this all out on my own.  

Aiden continues to have good days and bad days.  He is down to getting in trouble at school weekly instead of daily, so things are moving in the right direction there.  He is still pretty impulsive but we are working on it.

Lilli is doing really well.  We are working on endurance with her now.  She can do just about anything now that anyone else can just not for as long.

E...well I guess time will tell.  Our Occupational and Speech therapists is very optimistic.  I am glad for that because quite frankly after 6 months I am not.  Last night we went to the gym and when we drooped the kids of in the childrens area there was a little girl obviously younger then E crying and very clearly saying she wanted her mommy.  David and I were astounded.  Yes this little girl showed what is surly typical speech development but the night and day difference between her and E.  YIKES!  E is so far behind.  Since we have started signing with her functional communication is becoming much easier but I think the road ahead is still long and bumpy.  I need and ASL immersion course.  Well really who are we kidding the whole family needs one.

Time to run again.  The boys will want me to pick them up from school.