Saturday, November 27, 2010

Because your wish is my comand...

...I will drop everything to be at your beckoned call.  At a moments notice we all can be dressed and ready to go out the door even though we are all still in our pajamas.  On a whim I can do whatever you desire, how you ask?  Because I am super mom.  In this whirl wind and ciaos though, there is somethings that you should know.  You daughter peed her pants as we were about to walk out the door and your boys changed clothes 3 times today.  No they were not dirty they just did not like what they had on.  On that note, no I did not start the laundry before we left and I am pretty sure the "pee clothes" are you your bathtub.  Yes I did send your oldest child to go clean out the car so that there was room for your guest.  It seemed far less damaging then what I could have done to him after he was "helping" get your youngest ready.  As our departure time was eminent no, no one picked up their toys or rinsed their dishes.  You will find them strewn form one end of the house to the other and dishes on the table, stove, counters and or sink.

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